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Menstrual Dysfunction

Abnormal menstruation is probably the most common reason women consult a gynaecologist.

Menstrual problems are varied and impact on women differently, depending on their age, culture, family circumstances, personality and work pattern.

Many women will delay consulting a gynaecologist until the problem worsens, feeling that they should be able to manage. However, menstrual problems can become severely debilitating if left unchecked, and may indicate other health issues such as endometriosis, which can affect fertility. An irregular period cycle may not in itself be a problem, but could be an indicator of further menstrual cycle problems. Early detection can be the key to effective treatment and we recommend consulting a gynaecologist if you have any concerns. 

Common Menstrual Problems We Treat Include:


We provide a comprehensive range of investigations and menstrual problems solutions, mostly as outpatient procedures for your convenience and flexibility. We also provide the full range of treatment options including:


Hormonal treatment

Medical treatment

Surgical treatment (mostly keyhole surgery)

If you are concerned about an irregular period cycle, heavy flow, pain, or any other menstrual cycle problems please get in touch.

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