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Sperm Augmentation

sperm augmentation

At Aurora, we pride ourselves on our specialist andrology expertise which enable us to determine the problem and offer an individual service, based on what is best for you and your partner. 

Sperm Quality

The quality of sperm determines to a large extent whether a man can father children. Fertility specialists use assessments to determine the best fertility treatment options for men.  Assessment is a semen analysis, generally including the evaluation of:

Sperm count

It is generally accepted that a sperm count of 15 million per ml of semen is compatible with fertility

Sperm movement (motility)

Only healthy sperm moving in a forward direction can travel to meet the egg and fertilise it to result in pregnancy. It is generally accepted that progressive motility of 32% is compatible with fertility

Sperm shape (morphology)

Only normally-shaped sperm can achieve normal fertilisation of an egg that leads to pregnancy. It is generally accepted that morphology of 5% or more is compatible with fertility 


Factors That Have A Negative Impact On Sperm Quality

Inherited Factors

Genetic conditions like Klinefelter’s syndrome; abnormal testosterone production impairs testicular function and reduces sperm production (such as hypogonadism); absent testis or tract for sperm to pass through (such as in cystic fibrosis)

Acute/Chronic Illnesses

Any severe or chronic illness can impair sperm production from the testis and/or function

Lifestyle Factors

These are by far the most common factors. Sperm production and function depend on very delicate physiological processes that can be impacted negatively by lifestyle factors including:

Nutritional – unhealthy dietary intake like binging on fast foods

Weight – excessive body weight fluctuations and extremes of body weight (under and over normal ranges) 

Smoking – cigarette smoking, use of cannabis is particularly detrimental to sperm function even with normal semen parameters

Alcohol – excessive alcohol consumption (binge drinking is particularly harmful)

Stimulants – excessive caffeine intake 

Stress – excessive stress negatively impacts both sperm production/function and consummation of relationships

Sperm Augmentation & Sperm Dysfunction Treatment

Our team of specialist andrologists take a number of approaches to managing sperm quality issues for clients, and offer sperm augmentation and sperm dysfunction treatment options:

Lifestyle Modification & Support

We employ specialist lifestyle coaches that work with you and your partner to effect change

Nutritional Interventions

Our nutritionist works out the best nutritional package for you, taking into account your ethnicity and any cultural or religious values you hold, and offers support in achieving necessary goals

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Our specialist andrologists have a wealth of experience of hormone replacement therapy for sperm augmentation

Complementary Therapies

Stress-relief including reflexology and acupuncture


Ranging from simple sperm aspiration to testicular sperm extraction

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